About BLCC

As anyone who has struggled with anxiety knows, unresolved anxieties have the ability to obstruct a variety of typically enjoyable or happy experiences, only to turn them into an endless cycle of discomfort. I developed my practice of therapy to increase the abilities of my clients to identify processes which create anxiety, to develop concrete, practical responses to those processes, and put solutions into action. I work from a truly eclectic framework in drawing upon strategies of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as a person centered approach to fully transform the unproductive worries that interfere with one’s ability to live the life they seek.


Family Therapy

Adam has specialized knowledge and experience in working with adolescents, children, and families on a variety of concerns ranging from ADHD and oppositional behavior to loss and trauma. Adam is particularly competent in fostering an authentic, shared commitment to addressing the root of the concerns that trouble the family, amidst an often a wide range of interests and perspectives between family members. Adam utilizes strategies that originate from a systems approach to problem solving, identifying each family member’s unique role in developing and acting upon solutions to alter fundamental relational patterns. Adam focuses on collaboration between family members throughout the therapeutic process, focusing on the strengths and abilities of each family member to achieve harmony.

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