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Get to Know Adam
Therapist in Chicago, IL

Adam Scartozzi, LCPC, LMHC, LPC
Pronouns: He/him/His

Hello, my name is Adam. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. I believe strongly in a person’s ability to create themselves. Our world is what we make it. I enjoy working with people ready to make change work for them as they construct their desired lives. I want to be a partner in your efforts to live unhindered by anxiety, fear, shame, or sadness. I specialize in helping adults work through the challenges of anxiety, self-doubt, and relational discord.

Adam Scartozzi, MA, LCPC, LMHC

I provide online counseling and psychotherapy for residents of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, & Florida

and in office counseling and psychotherapy in Chicago, IL

Chronic Anxiety ・ Existential Dread ・ Life Stress ・ Relational Issues ・ Men's Issues

College Students ・ Young Adults ・ Adults

How I Help

I bring a sense of lighthearted presence, engaging reflection, and dedication to the process of therapy. I believe that collaboration is extremely important to resolving long-standing patterns of thought/feeling/action that keep a person from living a liberated life. I continually strive to grow my ability to observe, free of judgement, throughout the process of working together. My approach provides a safe and supportive environment for growth. I recognize that each of us has our own struggles, strengths, and possibilities. I am excited to share my abilities as we clear a way forward on the path towards your fullest potential!

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Areas of Focus

Thinking Man on Couch

Worrying, replaying, and weighing the pros and cons can leave you feeling overwhelmed with frustration and a sense of self-defeat. The fact that you are the person generating your own obstacles only adds to the misery building as time pushes forward. Not knowing what to do next. Feeling more hopeless than ever before. Anyone would feel uncertain of how to turn this internal spiral around.


There are many parts to a person’s experience of anxiety, specific to each person, and even many ways for anxiety to grow. It is important to develop a deep understanding of the problem with a fresh perspective, increasing our ability to collaborate in the creation of practices that will undermine the hold anxiety has taken in your life. From there we will be able to put into action those practices that emerge from our conversations, reshaping old patterns of thought and emotion.

Man Fashion sitting

Many men are reluctant to begin therapy. The messages men often receive throughout their lives when it comes to having, much less understanding, their emotions, centers on the belief that to express emotions, outside of anger, is to show “weakness”. The power of this misguided belief shows us just how much strength and courage it takes for men to use therapy to understand the role of emotion in the course of life. The approach to emotion most men are encouraged to assume is to “bury” or attempt to forget emotions that are too uncomfortable to discuss with others. Unfortunately, burying uncomfortable feelings only adds to ordinary stresses and expectations, causing a short fuse to be lit with the emotions detonating before you have time to recognize what set it off. 


Emotions influence not only our behavior, but our decisions as well. These decisions can mean the difference between a deeper connection with the people we love and the disintegration of those same relationships. The most important relationships in life require us to expand our knowledge and skill in the realm of emotion. We are called upon to sharpen our ability to acknowledge, identify, and process them before they irreparably damage our relationships. I want to help you problem-solve the growing emotional toll and create simple habits that will prevent emotion from being a source of shame that hinders an otherwise happy life. 

Man's back with light up "Be You " on shirt

Life can be difficult. It is a challenge to grow when we find ourselves feeling stuck. One of the most important parts of growing is finding the courage to recognize our power to recreate ourselves, especially when we are at a standstill. While the path out of this feeling can be hard to find, if you are willing to develop a new set of “tools” and put them into practice, we can craft a way forward out of what had once appeared to be a dead end. 


The possibility of overcoming a deep doubting or uncertainty as changes unfold, hinges not only on knowing where we have come from, but our ability to rethink our approach to life as it is now. Our course through life is never without challenge, but we are the one who is capable of changing the direction we are headed. Through reflection, dialogue, and forethought, we can sketch a new plan of action that will allow you to move through the dilemma in your path.

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A Bit About Me

In my free time, I enjoy developing a deeper awareness of the world around me, often in the form of documentaries or various books on social concerns/human experience. I have a lifelong interest in understanding the effects of systemic racism and other systems of oppression. One effect of this has been my adoption of a vegan diet roughly 15 years ago. I enjoy cooking, growing plants (trying at least), and fermentation. 


I have a passion for creation in many forms. For much of my life music was the main source of that creation, both playing and recording it. Over the course of time this has turned into a deep love of all things sewing! I enjoy learning to create my own clothes, primarily men’s shirts at the moment, as well as making objects such as bags or masks for friends and family. Always accompanied by a cup of oolong tea!

Sewing Equipments

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My Qualifications

M.A. in Clinical
Mental Health Counseling


Valparaiso University

B.A. in Psychology


Purdue University

License Information

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Illinois,180.009526

Verify Illinois License

Consumer Complaint Process

Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
Indiana, 39002576A

Verify Indiana License

Consumer Complaint Process

TLHT Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Florida, TPMC1319

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