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Experience Change with Bright Light Counseling Center, let us be the helping hand as your rediscover your own inner light.

Working together in community mental health, Dr. Beth Marnix and Adam Scartozzi, MA, LCPC, LMHC, cemented our love for helping others through the practice of counseling and psychotherapy. Through our many years of work in community mental health settings providing services to underserved communities, we learned that therapy is most beneficial when it is tailored to the needs and context of each individual, couple, or family. Through our years of professional training and supervision along with a strong foundation in generalist counseling we have acquired a diverse array of professional experiences. 


While fulfilling, years of work in community mental health limited the ways we wanted to practice. With this in mind, we founded our own practice, Bright Light Counseling Center, in 2015, with the hopes of striking an authentic balance between therapist and client needs. From the beginning we shared a vision of providing quality, individualized, and attuned counseling while providing a platform for therapists to feel sustained, enriched, and supported as they help others. With our roots planted firmly in Chicago, we made the decision to expand into Austin, Texas in 2018. 


Overall, we envision and attempt to design Bright Light Counseling Center as a practice that strives to play a positive role in the lives of a broad range of individuals, couples, and families through in person, as well as telehealth/teletherapy sessions throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. 

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow, Ph.D.


Let's rediscover your Bright Light.

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