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Our vision begins with you...

Do you value the camaraderie, care, and connection of being an important part of a team? Do you thrive off of independent work? Do you strive to learn, grow, and provide one of a kind clinical work? Do you describe yourself as a fun, chill, and engaged human? Do you think of yourself as a creative person who has lots of ideas to contribute to clients, new services, communities, and clinicians?

If you are vibing with this -

then we know you should be part of our team!

We are hiring for our Chicago, Illinois and our Austin, Texas Offices!

Do you see yourself in these words?
If so, we believe you are a perfect fit for our team. 

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A bit about us, from a bird's eye view

Our Culture

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Cultural Humility

We start from a place of cultural humility. We know it is not enough to say culture is important to each of us, we must show it in our actions. Practicing from a place of cultural humility and evolving as anti-racist clinicians, we engage in ongoing monthly dialogues regarding social and cultural topics and concerns as they relate to our world, community, clinicians, and clients.

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If you aren’t having fun, what is the point? Joy is not only the key to a life well-lived, it is a prerequisite for the flourishing of any relationship. Your passions, interests, and personal goals are put at the center of your time with BLCC. Let’s make sure your joy for becoming a therapist shines through!

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We believe that continued growth, reflection, and education are important throughout the course of a clinician's career, whether you are newly licensed or have been practicing for 10 years. With an emphasis on consultation and personal development, we make space for clinicians to grow their skills and share them in a friendly, nonjudgmental environment.

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Therapy isn’t therapy without you! Your uniqueness…identity, experiences, and passions is what makes you the clinician you are. We want to amplify you! We want you to bring it to the practice and to the work you do with clients. 

High Fives


A clinical practice is only as impressive as its team of therapists. The strength of our practice is based on the team of professionals who are set on exceptional clinical care, meaningful clinical support, and committed self-improvement. We are stronger together…as people, as therapists, and as communities.

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Our culture is centered on connection, support, empowerment, fun, and collaboration. We laugh together, ask questions, send gifs and memes, and sharing who we are and what they are all about with each other.  (Don't forget to throw in some competition with virtual Scattergories or creative clues in Codenames!) 

What we Provide


Generous compensation (and a bunch of other benefits!). Your hard work will never go unnoticed! You can expect to be paid fairly for your time, energy, and expertise. Also a W2 employee - we got half your taxes!


Clients need your time, not administrative tasks. We take the stress out of private practice by maintaining the day-to-day business administration, so you don’t have to. We strive to enhance the balance of clinicians' personal and professional lives

Nourishing Culture

 Friendly communication, flexible schedules, appreciation, recognition, (non-mandatory!) social time as a practice, and clinical support from practice administration and colleagues. We have also been known to surprise our team to delicious goodies too!


A strong clinical team. Being a therapist is hard work. Having a circle of colleagues there for you when you feel stuck with a client, or need a fun meme to get you through the day, is the key to sustainability. We got you! Our team's diverse backgrounds and interests enhance our engagements.


We engage in Individual and Group Case Consultation on a frequent basis. Practicing in isolation is lonely - what happens when you have a question? Need support or someone to bounce ideas off of? We are here - in scheduled and unscheduled times.

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  • Hybrid office/telehealth position - enjoy the flexibility of providing in person and telehealth sessions (from our office or your home office). We provide support and education for conducting telehealth appointments with confidence

  • Supportive, collaborative, and collegial team environment

  • Steady stream of referrals

  • W-2 Employment Status

  • Competitive Compensation for Clinical Work

  • Compensation for Non Clinical/Administration work

  • Compensation for attending networking events and writing blog posts

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Focus on employee appreciation and recognition

  • Social gatherings and focus on team building to create a positive and supportive environment 

  • Monthly Group Case Consultation

    • We hold monthly group consultations for clinicians to present cases and request/receive guidance, identify and explore clinical blind spots, receive/provide support, and learn from one another. 

  • Individual Case Consultation

    • Biweekly to Monthly individual case consultation  is another space to receive support, collaborate on difficult cases, refine clinical skills, and discuss various aspects of clinical practice and documentation.​

  • Monthly Social Cultural Group

    • Aims of the group are to engage in direct dialog regarding cultural concerns as they impact ourselves as clinicians, our communities, our work with clients, and relationships with each other. To increase our cultural humility, cultural competence, and to continue to evolve as anti-racist clinicians​

  • Opportunities and support to create your own groups, trainings, or other services 

  • Paid Malpractice Insurance

  • Electronic Health Record

  • Administrative support for managing client onboarding, billing/claim submission, insurance issues, etc. 

  • Freshly updated, comfortable, and beautifully furnished office

  • Office amenities such as tea, coffee, water

  • Convenient location in Central Austin and the Loop in Chicago

  • Plenty of parking at Austin Office

  • Easily accessible by Chicago transit

Benefits of Working with Us (The Details)

Benefits for Full Time Employment

  • Professional Training Opportunities - CEU Reimbursement

  • Retirement (Simple IRA) Plan, with employer contributions

  • Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance Policies with Employer contribution

  • Paid Sick Leave

Benefits for Part Time Employment

  • Professional Training Opportunities - CEU Reimbursement

  • Retirement (Simple IRA) Plan, with employer contributions

  • Paid Sick Leave

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Who are we? 

Bright Light Counseling Center is a growing, dynamic, and clinician focused group private practice with locations in both Chicago, IL and Austin, TX. We provide services throughout Illinois, Texas - and other locations that our clinicians have licensure/approval to practice - such as Indiana, Florida, and Colorado. We are dedicated to providing high quality, dependable, authentic, and empowering psychological services to the members of our communities. We view therapy and counseling as a collaborative process wherein we join our clients where they are currently. When therapy is tailored to the needs and context of each individual, couple, or family, growth can happen. We are dedicated to helping light a path through life’s most complex and difficult matters and are seeking clinicians whom share this passion. At Bright Light Counseling Center we want you to focus on providing clinical care, finding balance in your work and personal life, and grow as a clinician. We support you in this through maintaining the day to day business administration, fostering relationships and connections, and seeking feedback on how to best support you. 

Why Join a Group Practice?

We are strongly focused on connecting with each other to provide support in our clinical work, professional lives, and personal lives. Thus, by joining our group practice you will be around other clinicians and afforded opportunities to connect and receive support. Walk on down the hall (or pop into our practice chats) and see an open door to have a chat, ask a question, or get feedback. We know that when we as clinicians are fulfilled, it is reflected in our work. Working together creates a positive and supportive environment; which will speak to our clients. As such, Bright Light Counseling Center strives to develop and maintain an open environment in which employees are willing to reach out for guidance, support, and collaboration. Thus, this will be reflected in your relationships and work with your clients. 

We are looking for therapists who can see themselves laughing, sending gifs and memes, and sharing who they are and what they are all about with the team. Therapists are a good fit with us if they enjoy creating and fostering social connections with each other and want to come hang out and have fun at social gatherings).  

We know the challenges of balancing our capacity with the needs of our clients. We want you to focus on providing clinical care, finding balance in your work and personal life, and growing as a clinician. You should have the space to put your energy into client care. We are here to support your clinical growth and to take administrative burdens on, so you can spend your time and energy where it matters most…on your clients, your personal life, and self-care. 


  • Engage with clients, colleagues, and others in a consistent, culturally curious, responsive, and professional manner

  • Commitment to clinical growth as well as personal and professional reflection

  • Have a niche(s)/specialty area (e.g., children, adolescents, couples, trauma, EMDR, Perinatal Mental Health, eating disorders, etc.) and/or be willing to develop one.

  • If applying for our Austin, TX location: Current State of Texas license as a Psychologist (PhD, PsyD), Provisionally Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychological Associate, LCSW, LMFT or LPC obtained prior to start date.

  • If applying for our Chicago, IL location: Current State of Illinois license as a Clinical Psychologist (PhD, PsyD), LCSW, LMFT, LCPC, and LPC obtained prior to start date

Requirements for Part Time Employment 

  • Hold a minimum of 15 sessions per week, Scheduling 18 to account for cancellations

  • Schedule at least 1 evening per week (until 7P) or 1 Saturday morning

Requirements for Full Time Employment

  • Hold a minimum of 25 sessions per week, Scheduling 28-30 to account for cancellations

  • Have 1 evening per week (until 7P) and 1 Saturday morning or 2 evenings (until 7P) per week. 

Requirements for Employment as a Provisionally Licensed Clinician (LPC) in Illinois

  • Hold a minimum of 22 sessions per week, Scheduling 25-28 to account for cancellations

  • Have 1 evening per week (until 7P) and 1 Saturday morning or 2 evenings (until 7P) per week. 

  • Participate in weekly clinical supervision with licensed staff clinician


To Apply:
Complete our Employment Questionnaire
E-mail us your CV/Resume

Business Meeting

"No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” 

- Alfred North Whitehead

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