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Get to Know Dr. Beth

Dr. Beth: Service

Beth Marnix, Psy.D.
Pronouns: She/her

Hi! I'm Dr. Beth. I am a Licensed Psychologist in the states of Texas, Illinois, and Indiana. Do you feel disconnected? Like you keep reliving the past?  Are you struggling with changes or questioning your choices? I help you feel like you again. I believe that each of us encounters challenges while creating a full life. Distress, difficulties, and uncertainty disrupts many aspects of our lives. This disruption often leads us to attempt to cope in a variety of ways, some helpful and some not. ​​I specialize in helping teens, young adults, and adults cope with transitions, stressors, relational concerns, mood symptoms, and experiences of trauma and PTSD.


Through a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space we will identify the root causes that are contributing to your pain. Each step of the way we will find ways to make sense, move forward, and heal from previous traumas and painful experiences. 

Dr. Beth Marnix

I provide online counseling and psychotherapy for residents of Texas, Illinois, Indiana. and residents in PSYPACT states. I also provide in office counseling and psychotherapy in Austin, TX

How I Help

I strongly believe that developing a trusting, connected, respectful and caring therapeutic relationship is one of the key ingredients to change and success in therapy. To this end, I strive to build open, warm, calm, and collaborative relationships. If you are willing to be an active participant and lean into discomfort, I will offer you my thoughtfulness, creativity, and passion. Clients share that my warm, laid back, genuine style coupled with my non-judgemental listening, and shared laughter are helpful.

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Areas of Focus

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Life Changes and Transitions

Adjusting to changes, whether these are a new job, relationship, city, or a breakup, divorce, or relocation can be difficult. You may find yourself questioning the change and your choices leading up to and after the transition. You may find what was once exciting and something you were looking forward to now leaves you on the brink of tears and worried about what is happening. Because change can cause stress, it can effect your daily life and how you interact with others. I can provide support and help you cope with life transitions, whether you are preparing for them to happen or they have already occurred. I can also assist you in exploring and thinking through potentially life altering choices.

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Trauma and PTSD

Throughout your life you may experience a one-time traumatic experience or chronic and complex traumatic experiences that have overwhelmed your ability to cope, impaired your daily functioning and relationships. You may find yourself thinking of this event often, having nightmares, experiencing depression, anxiety, irritability, not wanting to talk about what happened, and conflicts in your relationships. I help people whom experienced a wide range of traumas from bullying, disruptive life events and relational experiences to witnessing a horrific event or chronic abuse. I can help you reconnect with yourself, your family and friends, and the world around you. I can help you learn to calm your body and work through what happened to you through various trauma informed approaches, including EMDR. I am certified in EMDR and incorporate this into my work to help individuals relieve suffering and emotional distress. Together we will pick up the pieces and reclaim your life.

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Emerging Adulthood

Have you ever asked yourself: What is important to me? What are my values? Goals? Who am I? Is it ok that my beliefs are different from my parents? Will I be successful? Can I make it on my own? What do I want from my relationships? These are questions that teens, college students, and young adults explore. Emerging adulthood is the exciting, yet potentially stressful, period of growth and exploration between late adolescence and adulthood. In this time you are exploring and really figuring out what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to be with. The instability of this figuring it out period may lead to frequent moving, job, and relationship changes – which may contribute to confusion, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, worries, and hopelessness. I can assist you with your exploration process to identify what is important to you and who you are, to cope with stresses, and capitalize on your possibilities.

Let's rediscover your Bright Light.

Who is Dr. Beth

You've read about me as a professional - but what else? I am a transplant in Austin by way of Chicago, and originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I have escaped the snow (fingers crossed) and hope that they summers will not be as bad as I am imagining (Update, the 100 degree temps days and days in a row is pretty brutal, but I have adjusted as much as I believe I will). My husband and I have 2 dogs (A Frenchton [mix between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier] and a French Bulldog) that keep us very busy with their demands for ball throwing, treats, and cuddles. My Midwest roots lend very well to my love of all things fall. The colors, warm spices, and crisp air - even better when the sun is shining bright. I enjoy photography and creative pursuits, cooking and baking, live music, time with others, and laughter. I am a vegetarian - and I keep trying to get my husband to eat tofu - hasn't happened in several years, but he is eating broccoli! Traveling, learning, exploring, and coffee are musts for me. I love inspirational quotes and owls - and I am trying to create a green thumb through house plants and a container herb garden.

Rye and Peat

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology


Illinois School of Professional Psychology

M.A. in Clinical Psychology


Illinois School of Professional Psychology

B.A. in Psychology, Minors in Women's Studies and Sociology


Otterbein College

I have 10+ years of experience providing services within community mental health centers, an autism clinic, and private practice. I have also had the privilege of providing clinical supervision and training to individuals completing their pre-doctoral internships.

License Information

Licensed Clinical Psychologist,

Verify Illinois License

Consumer Complaint Process

Licensed Psychologist, Health Service Provider in Psychology,
Indiana, 20042743A

Verify Indiana License

Consumer Complaint Process

Licensed Psychologist, 

Texas, 38042

Texas Public Complaint
Notification Statement

The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, psychologists, psychological associates, social workers, and licensed specialists in school psychology. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a licensee involves professional misconduct, the Executive Council will provide you with information about how to file a complaint. Please call 1-800-821-3205 for more information

For assistance please contact:

Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council

333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-450, Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 305- 7700, or 1-800-821-3205.

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