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Get to Know Rian
Therapist in Chicago, IL

Rian Richardson, LPC, NCC
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hello All, My name is Rian! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. I support people in finding the paths to work through the stressors of life. Sometimes we get stuck in our thoughts and anxieties or feel dragged down by our emotions. When that happens, it is hard to continue to maneuver in the way we would like. That’s why I am here. I am here to help you navigate through those moments, the ones that feel hard or restricting, the ones that dictate the way you live. I specialize in working with pre-teens, teens, and adults navigating each phase of life and what is coming their way. Don’t let the repeating cycle of negatives stop you from getting to a place where you can feel good about life. Life’s too short to live it unfulfilled. You’re worthy of a meaningful and enjoyable life.

Rian Richardson Female Counselor in Chicago IL

I provide online counseling and psychotherapy for residents of Illinois and 

in office counseling in Chicago, IL

ADHD・ Anxiety ・ Cultural/Racial Stressors・ Depression ・ Life Stress ・ Grief

Pre Teens ・ Teens ・ College Students ・ Young Adults ・ Adults

How I Help

I know sometimes asking for help can be hard or intimidating but I am here to tell you, good job! As an Black woman living in Chicago, I understand the pressure to ‘have it together’ or the need to be emotionally and mentally strong at all times. Life can be hard and negative feelings will arise. I believe as long as you have someone in your corner, you can make it through. My goal is to remind people of color that they are powerful, that their voices should be loud and clear, and that their presence is necessary. My passion is to create a safe space for those who struggle with just being. I enjoy working with the LGBTQIA+ community, the houseless community, and with Black Lives Matter to create a movement for equity, not just equality. My approach and focus in therapy is to ensure a safe and welcoming environment that allows my clients to feel comfortable to explore their experiences with discontent, anxiety, depression, ADHD, relational and life issues, and daily stressors of all types. I strive to do this using a multi-modality approach while tying in structured interventions (CBT, Solution Focused, REBT). Therapy is not easy; digging into your emotions may not be pleasant, but as we get to know each other you will feel relieved as you share them. I will be in your corner and I will support you with understanding and empathy. I bring a relaxed, lighthearted perspective that can give you the space to be yourself. I am a comforting presence that won’t pull punches when you need to hear another point-of-view. Just know, I am here with you!

Image of a hand holding lights, representing hope and guidance.  Rian offers counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian specializes in supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, relational and life issues, and daily stressors. Discover the transformative power of therapy with Rian, illuminating your path to healing and personal growth.

Areas of Focus

I know you’re wondering, ‘what will our sessions look like?’ Well, in the first few meetings we will be getting to know one another. I will be asking questions to better understand you and what brings you to therapy and you will understand how I will be able to support you. We will then identify some of your goals for therapy and the strategies that will help complete them. I see each person as unique and the masters of their experiences, so feel free to provide feedback wherever necessary. Considering this is a team effort, my hope is that you will feel comfortable to work alongside myself to ensure that you are getting the most out of our sessions. In addition to working with people who are experiencing anxiety, stress, cultural and racial concerns, I also provide therapy for those who are struggling with; ADHD, depression, life/relational transitions, and grief. 

Image of a girl hugging her knees, looking down, symbolizing the experience of anxiety. Explore Rian's therapy page focused on anxiety counseling, offering counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian provides compassionate support and guidance for individuals seeking help with anxiety, helping them find relief and regain control of their lives.

Have you ever caught yourself worrying about the future, planning conversations in your head, tapping your pen, biting your nails, or cracking your knuckles? Are you finding yourself in the whirlwind of anxious thoughts and not knowing what to do with them? Anxiety can be debilitating, preventing you from being social or doing the things that you may want to do. Anxiety can show up as a feeling of fear that tells you all the ‘what ifs’ to prevent you from enjoying things. Anxiety can convince you that replaying those unfavorable moments in your head over and over again is helpful, but you know it’s not. It may even convince you to expect the worst, keeping you at a distance from the people and places you love. Those intrusive thoughts that are trying to control you are unhelpful. Together, we will find strategies to break free from the anxiety. We will identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop a plan to find you and the life that you want to live. By incorporating kindness, bringing my understanding and patience, and most importantly trust, we can build a path to conquering your anxiety. 

Image of two women of color engaged in conversation, representing the focus on cultural and racial stress in therapy. Explore Rian's therapy page providing counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian specializes in counseling for people of color, addressing racial stress, racial trauma, and cultural stress. Discover the healing and empowerment that comes from exploring these important topics in a safe and supportive environment.

Cultural/Racial Concerns

As a person of color, the world may not understand the things that we go through or how it impacts us. Do you feel as though you are misunderstood or ridiculed for who you are? Are you noticing that you feel unwanted or out of place? Are you overwhelmed by the judgements that the world places on you, for simply being you? These external pressures sometimes feel unbearable - as though you aren’t allowed to exist in the way you would like, the way that makes you happy. Feeling out of place can show up in differently for people. These could be the struggles that are causing you to feel anxious, depressed, insecure, or wonder if you are good enough. When these feelings or thoughts arise, we tend to minimize who we are in order to please others or fit in. I am here to remind you that you have a place in this world. You deserve a place. I am here to help you realize that who you are is needed, and is not a hindrance. Through a culturally sensitive lens, I will meet you where you are and bring strength to our therapy as you grow in confidence and self-acceptance.  

Image of a young male holding his head, depicting the experience of stress and overwhelm. Explore Rian's therapy page focusing on stress management, offering counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian specializes in providing support and guidance for individuals seeking counseling to manage stress and overcome overwhelming challenges. Discover effective strategies and find a sense of balance and resilience through Rian's counseling approach.

Stress Management

 Did you know that our inability to sleep, lack of appetite, or even our random headaches come from an elevated amount of stress? Did you know that your body can recognize and respond to stress before you even know? Are you aware of what helps you decrease your levels of stress? Do you know what adds to feeling overwhelmed? Stress can get worse when you blame yourself for how things turn out or when you avoid what makes you feel uncomfortable and stressed. Blame, avoidance, relentless worries or anxiety’s never that simple. As complicated as life can be, beating yourself up won’t help you move forward. Trying to make other people happy might seem like a good solution in the moment, but we both know it won’t get you to a better place. It’s time to prioritize your own needs. We will focus on finding the things that cause you stress, create ways to minimize and cope with your stress, and  build on what works for you. I know we can find a creative way through the challenge of what is stressing you out.

Image of baseballs, representing Rian's passion as a White Sox fan. Explore Rian's therapy page offering counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian's dedication to counseling is complemented by her love for baseball and the White Sox. Discover a therapist who brings enthusiasm and a personal touch to her counseling practice, creating a warm and engaging therapeutic experience.

A Bit About Me

Before I am able to get to know you, here is a little bit about me. My name is Rian Richardson and I was born and raised in what I feel is the best city to live in, Chicago. I am what you call a Disney adult, but that just means I am connected with my inner child. Fun fact, I have worked at Disney World during college, which was a blast. I am a diehard White Sox fan but I also respect every other sports team as well, yes even the Cubs. I am a cat mom, her name is Tigress and she is a rescue kitty. 


Life is hard, and I wholeheartedly believe in self care so in my free time you can catch me playing video games, doing a puzzle, binging a show or movie, or planning a trip somewhere. I enjoy finding my peace by a body of water, whether that's a lake or an ocean. My friends describe me as goofy, loving, and supportive -  best believe I will bring those traits to our sessions.

Image of Disney World's Magic Kingdom, symbolizing Rian's love for Disney and embracing the joy of the inner child. Explore Rian's therapy page offering counseling services in Chicago, IL, and online counseling in Illinois. Rian's passion for Disney World reflects her belief in the power of fun and playfulness in therapy. Discover a therapist who brings warmth, creativity, and a touch of magic to the counseling journey. Image by Jorge Martínez, instagram @jmartinezz9

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My Qualifications

M.S. in Clinical Mental
Health Counseling

B.A. in Psychology 


National Louis University, Chicago, IL


University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

License Information

Professional Counselor,
Illinois, 178.018369


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