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Group Therapy

What is a Support Group/Psychoeducation Group/Skill Based Group?


A support/psychoeducation/skill based group is a safe place where people that share common struggles and/or issues come together to receive information, encouragement, and share about their experiences. Members participate through listening, sharing, and learning together. The support group facilitator will assist in creating a safe environment through sharing information and education, engaging the group in productive discussions, guiding the group to remain on topic, assisting the group in following guidelines, and identifying common themes for group members to explore. Through participating in these groups, members are able to offer support, encouragement, and comfort to the other group members, and receive the same in return. Joining and participating in a support group is an important way to connect with other people facing similar challenges or difficulties and develop ways to work through them. 

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Benefits of Joining a Group

  • Safe, supportive place to share about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a place with others who have similar experiences

  • Learn effective coping strategies

  • Reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness

  • Gain insight from others and their coping with similar situations

  • Increase or maintain a sense of hope

Accepting Interest for the Following Groups

Trauma Survival Toolbox:
Building Strength for Everyday

Experiencing a traumatic event can wreak havoc on your sense of safety in the world.  Thoughts, sensations, and memories may flood you at unexpected times leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Although you are having a normal reaction to an abnormal event it is still hard to cope. 


With this support group you will learn more about why you have these symptoms and learn skills to better manage them on a day-to-day basis. We will focus on learning skills for coping with PTSD triggers and dissociation. We will cover these topics:

  • Identifying Emotions

  • Identifying Body Sensations

  • Coping skills for trauma triggers

  • What is dissociation and how to manage

  • Grounding Skills

  • Breathing Techniques

We will also discuss what is working, what is not working, and finding shared experiences. While you take control of your symptoms you will have the support of other people who "get it."

Who: Adults (18+) who reside in Texas

When: TBD

Time: TBD

Where: Virtual 

Total Fee: $200 

Past Support Group Offerings

Let's rediscover your Bright Light.

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